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Mustard seeds, honey, fresh herbs, spices
Gluten free


It is pretty impossible to enjoy a Munich White Sausage without the traditional German Sweet Mustard. We use an old recipe from our Auntie and are sure it takes you right to the Oktoberfest.

If you can find a bakery with German Bretzels around and have a German wheat beer on hand your luck will be complete.

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Weight 550 g

1 review for GERMAN SWEET MUSTARD (500ml)

  1. Seulki

    Really impressed with the quality and taste of sausages, currywurst sauce and sweet mustard. Not too salty like the ones at supermarkets, not too oily either. We had our meals with caramelised onions, mash potatoes, sauerkraut along with the sauces and it was just perfect. I will try them with chips and mayo next time and soooooo looking forward to it.

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