Package Deal IV – The Works

$135.00 $120.00

Please refer to the individual product for detailed ingredients.


Our Package Deal IV “The Works” includes:

  •  500g All-Natural Bratwurst
  •  500g Bavarian Smokies
  •  500g Hamburg Link
  •  500g Rhine Splash
  •  500g Nuernberger
  •  500g Munich Whites
  •  500g Berlin Banger
  •  500g Frankfurt Snap
  •  500g Leberkäs ( German Meatloaf )
  •  1/4 Liter of Honey-Mustard-Sauce
  •  1/4 Liter of Curry Sauce
  •  1/4 Liter of Sweet-Mustard
  •  1 Package of Manuka Smoked Lean Bacon

Additional information

Weight 7500 g


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