Package Deal IV – The Works

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Our Package Deal IV “The Works” includes:

  •  500g All-Natural Bratwurst
  •  500g Bavarian Smokies
  •  500g Hamburg Link
  •  500g Rhine Splash
  •  500g Nuernberger
  •  500g Munich Whites
  •  500g Berlin Banger
  •  500g Frankfurt Snap
  •  500g Leberkäs ( German Meatloaf )
  •  1/4 Liter of Honey-Mustard-Sauce
  •  1/4 Liter of Curry Sauce
  •  1/4 Liter of Sweet-Mustard
  •  1 Package of Manuka Smoked Lean Bacon

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Weight 7500 g

1 review for Package Deal IV – The Works

  1. Jorge

    We tried almost everything and liked it all. The sausages are muuuuuuch better than the crap that you can buy in the supermarkets. But not only the sausages were delicious, but the real highlight at our BBQ was also the smoked bacon. Everyone was amazed by the quality and the taste.

    Also, customer service was very good and friendly.

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