SPECK – BACON whole piece per KG Xtra DRY


Dry-cured Manuka smoked Bacon
NZ Pork belly, fresh herbs, spices, very little nitrate
Gluten-Free, no added water

Traditionally the German Speck is fatter part of the belly

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Bacon whole piece ( Speck ) comes as per KG

Our bacon is already famous. It is dry cured and Manuka smoked. Perfect to fry crispy with your eggs or on a sandwich. It’s NOT filled with water or stabilizers so it won’t disappear when fried, just cook like real bacon is supposed to.

Bacon  ( Speck ) in a whole piece is great for you to slice as thick as you like, great on the BBQ or in combination with other meats and vegetables on a skewer

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Weight 1000 g



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