Frankfurt Snap – MANUKA SMOKED 500g


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Package of 500g
NZ Pork, NZ beef, fresh herbs, spices, smoke
Gluten Free, no Nitrate, no artificial ingredients


NZ pork, NZ beef, fresh tomato, sweet paprika & fresh coriander

Our take on the famous Frankfurter but without added Nitrate. It is pre-cooked in hot Manuka smoke. Perfect to eat cold as a snack or simmered in hot water served with mustard and fresh bread. They have the typical sausage snap. Vacuum sealed in a package of 500g.

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Weight 500 g

1 review for Frankfurt Snap – MANUKA SMOKED 500g

  1. Manly Shute (verified owner)

    Absoloutely Lovely A Nice Snap!!!!

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