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Package of 500g
NZ Pork, chives, parsley, lemon, honey & spices
All natural, Gluten Free, no artificial additives


Traditional Bavarian sausage – a traditional flavor from the Bavarian capital. Fresh chives and parsley, Manuka honey, and lemon give this sausage it’s buttery fresh taste loved by millions around the world. Made from 100% NZ pork, they are pre-cooked and vacuum sealed in packs of 500g.

 Just simmer in hot water ( approx. 80 deg. C ), don’t cook, and serve with our sweet mustard. Traditionally Munich Whites – Weisswurst are served for breakfast. They are quite yummy from the BBQ as well.

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Weight 500 g

3 reviews for MUNICH WHITES – WEISSWURST 500g

  1. Anthony

    Just had my Munich Whites and Bavarian Smokies for Dinner. This was topped off with my Homemade Curry Sauce with a Kick. They are by far the Best Sausages we have had in a very long time. Highly recommended.

  2. Eva Schmaus

    Hi, I just bought a selection of your products for my Dad, as he’s been unwell and needed cheering up. He is a massive fan of weisswurst and says yours is one of the best he’s ever tasted (includes those in Deutschland). You can take that as high praise indeed!
    So thank you, the cheering up plan worked and you have another very happy customer.

  3. Nicholas Reeve (verified owner)

    Unlike any sausage you may have previously tried. They are melt in your mouth tender with amazing flavour.
    Having been a tour guide in Europe in my youth the taste took me straight back there. Fantastic !

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